About Georgian Library Association

          Georgian Library Association is a non-profit union, whose activities are based on following main principles:

          Georgian libraries possess treasuries of Georgian culture, education, information, and knowledge, which is needed each of us, our country and its citizens. Preservation and recording of these treasuries and will help to protect them for the benefit of all of us. We need this knowledge and information especially in the political, economic and democratic transformation period.           

            Development of new information and communication technologies Allows to use achievements of the world culture, science, technology, and also to introduce our country's achievements in the intellectual and artistic creativity to the world.

            These goals can only be reached by a well-organized and modern library information network, which should be based on generally accepted democratic principles, community needs, reflecting their changes, preserving a tradition of maintaining high ideals, and at the same time, offering the modern forms of public information services.

            It is impossible for any system to act successfully without thorough work and creativity of people. Librarians have always served community with great thoroughness and patience, providing support to the nation, and also for each reader, deserve to have the best conditions for their work and education, social and legal protection.

            We are planning to reach our goals and accomplish tasks via:

  • uniting efforts and coordinating activities in library profession
  • strengthening a dialog between society and libraries, sharing ideas
  • developing intellectual and creative potential of members, implementing innovations thorough analysis of common goals and finding practical ways of their achievement
  • using talents and energy of younger generation.


Georgian Library Association was founded in 2000.

Contact phone: 2363413

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