Meeting with librarians at the Ministry - role of libraries in the school


Place and role of library in school to be increased
The first deputy of a Minister of Education and Sciences, Mr. Aluda Goglichidze, has met 200 school librarians, to present and discuss new vision of ministry on development of school library services in Georgia.
The vision includes development of school libraries as new centers for literacy development, school conferences and Olympiads, exhibitions, presentation of innovations and projects. Libraries have to support development of creativity in pupils and their self-realization. Infrastructure and collection of libraries, qualification of librarians have to meet with contemporary requirements.
 Two libraries presented their activities. Invited speaker, Irakli Garibashvili, president of a Georgian Library Association, presented project and services for school libraries of association and a National Scientific Library.
A. Goglichidze responded to question of librarians and took notices on existing problems.
This meeting is an important message from the Ministry of Education and Sciences, as for the first time since many years ministry considered importance of school library services and recognized/encouraged work of Library Association.


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